Building Science

Energy Savings Begins with a Scientific Approach to Building

Evolution Homes is a residential home builder with a very simple goal. To combine thirty years of homebuilding experience with great people, new technology and better building practices to build the highest quality, most energy efficient homes possible.

Evolution Homes has built a team of people who genuinely care about the quality and value of the homes that they build. This great team partners with some of the most reliable and recognizable names in homebuilding to supply key features including lighting and plumbing fixtures, appliances and environmental systems and controls.

Evolution Homes strives to make the homes that they build as efficient as possible. Evolution Homes uses Building Science to include and combine the right systems and features for an optimal balance, resulting in the best performance from each component and once one of our new homes is complete, we test it for performance. Done right, this results in greater comfort and the lowest monthly expense.

Finally, Evolution Homes provides each homeowner with a ten-year warranty against structural defects.

To learn more about how Evolution Homes uses Building Science to build a better, more efficient home, visit one of our new communities.


No-Gap Insulation used on all homes

Reduces Air Flow/Exchange

No-Gap insulation is capped on all 6 sides. That’s why its so important for your home.

Fresh Air

Quality air means quality life

Your Home Needs to Breathe

A healthy home should be felt immediately and throughout the life of the home.

LED Lighting

LED lights are in everything around you right now, why aren't they in your home?

LED Lighting is in all our homes

Cars, airplanes, even your booklight have LED lights in them today. We think your home should too. Not only do they save you money, they look cool too.

Building Science

It's critical that your home's intricate systems are engineered to work together

Your Home is a

series of components engineered to work together to provide you with a comfortable, efficient and safe living environment.


  • Radiant barrier roof sheathing
  • Fast recovery gas water heater
  • LED lighting
  • BIB’s “No Gap” Insulation
  • NEST learning thermostat
  • High-efficiency furnace
  • Low E UV protected windows
  • Built to exceed national energy codes
  • Scientifically designed to save you money
  • 3rd party inspected

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